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Jordan Tours: Embark On A Fun-Filled Crusade

A land of mesmerising beauty, Jordan is a captivating destination just waiting to be explored.  


From 'Rose Cities' to tented desert camps, the surreal Dead Sea to the colourful marine life of Aqaba, a Topdeck trip through Jordan is a crusade worthy of an Indiana Jones movie. Ready to head out on a Jordan trip of a lifetime? Let’s go! 

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8 days / 2 countries
  • Start city: Amman
  • End city: Marrakesh
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10 days / 2 countries
  • Start city: Amman
  • End city: Tel Aviv
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From:A$2,349.00 Was:A$2,349.00
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Jordan Tours: Things to Do

  • middle-east-jordan-dead-sea

    Float like cork in the Dead Sea

    Because of all the salt in this lake (shock: it’s not actually a sea), you can bring your book or your drink and sit back, relax, float and enjoy the views. You’ll also be up to 400m below sea level which is technically the lowest point on dry land. How cool is that? This really is an experience like nothing else. Pssst, don’t miss the black mud found here which is used in local spas. 

  • middle-east-petra

    Visit Petra

    Chiseled from sheer cliffs of rose-red stone and named as one of the 7 New Wonders of the World, Petra is super impressive. Grab your satchel and don’t forget your hat, Indiana Jones will have nothing on you as you wander through the narrow gorge of the Siq before catching your first glimpse of the famous Treasury. Are you ready for this?

  • jordan-bedouin-desert

    Spend the night in a Bedouin desert camp

    Spend the night in a Bedouin camp and feast on a traditional earth-oven dinner with one of the world’s most ancient nomadic tribes. Get cosy and bond with other travellers, this’ll be a night to remember. You’ll also realise you’ve never properly seen stars before. If you’ve got a decent camera, you’ll wanna use it to capture the sky for sure.

  • middle-east-jordan-aqaba

    Visit Aqaba

    Aqaba is Jordan’s only coastal city so make the most of it! There’s diving, windsurfing and snorkelling in the Red Sea to get involved in. Want something more chill? Fear not, you can hit the hammam and feast on knafeh in a coffee shop and take it easy. It’s a tough life...

Top 6 Reasons to Book Your Jordan Trip with Topdeck


Unique experiences 

From checking out the famous Treasury in Petra to floating like a cork in the Dead Sea, our included and optional activities will give your Jordan trip allll of the once-in-a-lifetime feels.  

Freedom to explore 

No one wants to feel like a sheep. That’s why our Jordan trips offer loads of free time to uncover hidden gems, channel your inner explorer and create your very own story, the way you want it to be. 

Delicious food 

You know how it is – ain’t nobody does spicy delights quite like the Middle East. From hummus to sweet treats, this place pack tasty treats for days. Rest assured we’ll ensure your tummy is just as full as your passport. 

Passion & expertise 

With over 40 years in the travel industry, a team of passionate crew and a collection of award-winning trips under our belt, you can be sure we know Jordan inside out. 

Lasting friendships 

Memories fade but Facebook friends are forever. Hit up Jordan with other young explorers aged 18-39 and create bonds that last longer than your festival wristband. 


Value for money 

With no hidden costs, plenty of included meals and our No Tipping policy, we’ve got all the important stuff covered – meaning you score a great value Jordan trip, completely hassle free. 

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