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Switzerland Tours: Hike the Swiss Alps and See Spectacular Landscapes

Towering mountains, fairytale villages, and all the Swiss chocolate. Yep, a visit to Switzerland is where it's at. 
Switzerland has some of the most impressive natural landscape that have gotta be seen to be believed. So, whether it's taking the journey up the Jungfrau Railway for OMG views or heading out on a hike in the Alps to breathe in that fresh mountain air, if you end the day with some yummy cheese fondue, you're onto a winner.  
Ready to travel to Switzerland with Topdeck? Hop to it. 

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Switzerland Tours: Things to Do

  • europe-switzerland-mountain-views

    Take a trip to the ‘Top of Europe’

    A trip on the The Jungfrau Railway is an absolute must when you’re in the Swiss Alps. Grab your ticket and head up, up and away through stunning mountain landscape and get ready to say ‘wow’ 100 times over. Once at the top, you’ll be at a dizzying height of 3,454 metres above sea level with views over the Aletsch Glacier and beyond. Cameras at the ready!

  • europe-switzerland-swiss-chocolate

    Eat Swiss chocolate and cheese fondue

    Does food get much better than cheese and chocolate? You be the judge on a trip to Switzerland as you try some of the finest local produce around. Make sure you leave enough space in your suitcase as these will make the perfect souvenirs for family and friends.

  • europe-switzerland-hiking

    Go hiking

    Whether you’re a hiking pro or are just keen for a quick walk, Switzerland is where it’s at. In Lauterbrunnen, stroll through the valley and take in the sheer cliffs and waterfalls. You could always hike up for some epic views of the valley too. Spoiled for choice, much?

  • europe-switzerland-adrenaline-sports

    Adrenaline sports

    From skydiving to mountain biking, Switzerland has adrenalin sports for days. Pluck up the courage and make that bucket list shorter one awesome activity at a time.

Top 6 Reasons to Book Your Switzerland Trip with Topdeck


Unique experiences 

From a journey on the Jungfrau Railway to the 'Top of Europe' to tasting some yummy cheese fondue for dinner, our included and optional activities will give your Switzerland trip allll of the once-in-a-lifetime feels.  


Freedom to explore 

No one wants to feel like a sheep. That’s why our Switzerland trips offer loads of free time to uncover hidden gems, channel your inner explorer and create your very own story, the way you want it to be.


Delicious food 

You know how it is – ain’t nobody does cheese like the Swiss. Just leave enough space to try some Swiss chocolate and you'll be golden. Rest assured we’ll ensure your tummy is just as full as your passport. 

Passion & expertise 

With over 40 years in the travel industry, a team of passionate crew and a collection of award-winning trips under our belt, you can be sure we know Switzerland inside out. 


Lasting friendships 

Memories fade but Facebook friends are forever. Hit up Switzerland with other young explorers aged 18-39 and create bonds that last longer than your festival wristband 


Value for money 

With no hidden costs, free Wi-Fi on our coaches and our No Tipping policy, we’ve got all the important stuff covered – meaning you score a great value Switzerland trip, completely hassle free. 

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