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Bosnia Tours: Experience the bold spirit of the Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina: a country that’s always looking on the bright side without forgetting its past. From 1992, the capital city of Sarajevo was under siege for more than three years and the war-torn main street became so perilous, the strip was renamed ‘Sniper Alley’.   

Now, peace reigns supreme in the city famous for its annual film festival and East-meets-West cuisine. Hot tip: ask a local to help you pour a strong Bosnian coffee. You probably won’t ever go back to the instant cuppas.   

Wandering through Old Town, you’ll scope out historic mosques and stone churches in between the market stalls. As the sun sets, the city comes alive with hip bars and hangouts. Try to go to bed early, we dare you!   

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Bosnia Tours: Things to Do

  • visit-old-towns-with-sarajevo-tours

    Walking Tour of Sarajevo

    Uncover Sarajevo’s echoes of the past – this walking tour is not to be missed. After you’ve seen the Latin Bridge, City Hall and the old bazaar, make a pit stop at a local restaurant for ćevapi. Long story short, these meaty delights are grilled beef sausages served up hot with flatbread and raw onions. Mmm... 

  • dimly-lit-war-tunnel-sarajevo

    Guided Tour of Sarajevo’s War Tunnel

    Visit a sobering museum that shows the resilience of the citizens of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War. During the longest wartime siege of a capital city in modern history, the tunnel was vital in keeping supplies flowing to civilians. Workers slowly dug the tunnel by hand and shovel whilst under constant heavy shelling. 

  • views-of-mostars-old-bridge-over-water

    Walk over Mostar’s Old Bridge

    You can marvel at this 16th-century stone bridge that was destroyed in the warfare of the 1990s and rebuilt faithfully in its original design. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might catch local divers flaunting their muscles before making the 24-metre plunge into the icy waters below.  

Top 6 Reasons to Book Your Bosnia Trip with Topdeck


Unique experiences 

Check out modern street art or stroll around the Ottoman-era market halls. Our included and optional activities will give your Bosnia and Herzegovina trip all of the once-in-a-lifetime feels.  

Freedom to explore 

No one wants to feel like a sheep. That’s why our Bosnia and Herzegovina trips offer loads of free time to uncover hidden gems, channel your inner explorer and create your very own story, the way you want it to be. 

Delicious food 

You’ve tried baklava - and we won’t stop you from going back for seconds - but save room for the local hurmašice! Can you even say you've been to Bosnia if you haven’t tried these buttery syrup biscuits? We’ll ensure your tummy is just as full as your passport. 

Passion & expertise 

With over 40 years in the travel industry, a team of passionate crew and a collection of award-winning trips under our belt, you can be sure we know Bosnia and Herzegovina inside out. 

Lasting friendships 

Memories fade but Facebook friends are forever. Hit up Bosnia and Herzegovina with other young explorers aged 18-39 and create bonds that last longer than your festival wristband. 


Value for money 

With no hidden costs, free Wi-Fi on our coaches and our No Tipping policy, we’ve got all the important stuff covered – meaning you score a great value Bosnia and Herzegovina trip, completely hassle free. 


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