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Swaziland Tours: Dive into Traditional Swazi Culture with Topdeck

Join Topdeck and travel to Swaziland. A small but mighty country nestled between Mozambique and South Africa, Swaziland is celebrated for showcasing its colourful traditions and diverse wildlife.  

Wandering through epic Miliwane Wildlife Sanctuary with its grassy plains and awesome wildlife is an absolute must when visiting Swaziland. And that’s just for starters.  

Ready, set, go! 

Swaziland Tours: Things to Do

  • miliwane_wildlife

    Visit the Miliwane Wildlife Sancturary

    The Milwane Wildlife Sanctuary is the oldest protected area in Swaziland. It’s located in the stunning Ezulwini Valley, aka the 'Valley of Heavens'. Get the idea yet? Come see it for yourself and check out why this place is so special.  

  • royal_enclosure

    Visit the Royal Enclosure

    Travel a short distance through the Miliwane Wildlife Sanctuary and you’ll reach the Royal Enclosure. Travel here with Topdeck and a local Swazi guide will take you on a tour through a traditional village and talk you through the customs and rituals of the area. 

  • horse_riding

    Go horse riding in the Miliwane Wildlife Sancturary

    Get in touch with nature and head out on a peaceful horse riding trip in the Miliwane Wildlife Sanctuary. Keep your eyes peeled for exotic birds, wild antelope and loads more all from the vantage point of your valiant steed. Giddy-up! 

  • mountain_biking

    Go on a mountain biking tour in the Miliwane Wildlife Sancturary

    Want a rush of adrenalin in the heart of paradise? Then take to two wheels and lock in a mountain biking tour in the Miliwane Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s not everyday you get to say you’ve biked through such an epic conservation area.  

Top 6 Reasons to Book Your Swaziland Trip with Topdeck


Unique experiences 

From mountain biking to horse riding, our included and optional activities will give your Swaziland trip allll of the once-in-a-lifetime feels. 

Freedom to explore 

No one wants to feel like a sheep. That’s why our Swaziland trips offer loads of free time to uncover hidden gems, channel your inner explorer and create your very own story, the way you want it to be. 

Delicious food 

You know how it is –  exploring can be hungry work but rest assured we’ll ensure your tummy is just as full as your passport on your Swaziland trip.  

Passion & expertise 

With over 40 years in the travel industry, a team of passionate crew and a collection of award-winning trips under our belt, you can be sure we know Swaziland inside and out.  

Lasting friendships 

Memories fade but Facebook friends are forever. Hit up Swaziland with other young explorers aged 18-39 and create bonds that last longer than your festival wristband. 


Value for money 

With no hidden costs and our No Tipping policy, we’ve got all the important stuff covered – meaning you score a great value Swaziland trip, completely hassle free. 

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