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Kenya Tours: The classic safari adventure awaits

Join Topdeck and travel to the magnificent East African region of Kenya. 

Safari your way through the epic Maasai Mara National Reserve and spot some incredible wild animals from zebras to elephants, giraffes to lions. This place is one for the African bucket list for sure.  
But it’s not all about the Mara. There’s also buzzing Nairobi, Lake Nakuru National Park and the Great Rift Valley to get excited about.  

Hear the call of the wild and travel to Kenya with Topdeck.  

Featured Kenya Trips

13 days / 2 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Dar es Salaam
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From:A$2,575.00 Was:A$2,575.00
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14 days / 2 countries
  • Start city: Nairobi
  • End city: Nairobi
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From:A$2,535.00 Was:A$2,535.00
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11 days / 2 countries
  • Start city: Dar es Salaam
  • End city: Nairobi
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From:A$2,425.00 Was:A$2,425.00
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21 days / 4 countries
  • Start city: Victoria Falls
  • End city: Nairobi
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From:A$3,295.00 Was:A$3,295.00
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Kenya Tours: Things to Do

  • maasai_mara_national_reserve

    Go on safari in the Maasai Mara National Reserve

    Between July and October, the Mara is crossed every year by wildebeest, zebras and other animals as part of their migration from the Serengeti plains. If you’re lucky enough to visit during this time, it’ll be an experience like no other. As you cruise through the Mara in your overland vehicle, keep your eyes peeled for the Big Five: elephants, lions, rhinos, buffalos and leopards. Wildlife bingo anyone? 

  • great_rift_valley

    See the Great Rift Valley

    Africa’s Great Rift Valley is a huge cleft in the Earth's surface that stretches from the Red Sea to Madagascar. In Kenya, there are great viewpoints over this valley where you can start to get a sense of scale of this natural wonder. Keep your camera charged, we’re not lying when we say the views are epic.  

Top 6 Reasons to Book Your Kenya Trip with Topdeck


Unique experiences 

From a safari in Maasai Mara National Reserve to stunning views over the Great Rift Valley, our included and optional activities will give your Kenya trip allll of the once-in-a-lifetime feels. 

Freedom to explore 

No one wants to feel like a sheep. That’s why our Kenya trips offer loads of free time to uncover hidden gems, channel your inner explorer and create your very own story, the way you want it to be. 

Delicious food 

You know how it is –  exploring can be hungry work but rest assured we’ll ensure your tummy is just as full as your passport on your Kenya trip.  

Passion & expertise 

With over 40 years in the travel industry, a team of passionate crew and a collection of award-winning trips under our belt, you can be sure we know Kenya inside and out.  

Lasting friendships 

Memories fade but Facebook friends are forever. Hit up Kenya with other young explorers aged 18-39 and create bonds that last longer than your festival wristband. 


Value for money 

With no hidden costs and our No Tipping policy, we’ve got all the important stuff covered – meaning you score a great value Kenya trip, completely hassle free. 

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